Biotechnology Company Selects Lawrenceburg Location

  • Biotechnology Company Selects Lawrenceburg Location

    PDS Biotechnology Corporation, a medical research company, has been working with several entities in Lawrenceburg concerning the possibility of locating the company in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The company has now made a decision and reached an agreement to locate the company in Lawrenceburg effective immediately. This establishment of a major Biotechnology Medical Research Company moving to Lawrenceburg is the culmination of a cooperative effort which included Dearborn County Economic Development, the State of Indiana Economic Development, the City of Lawrenceburg, and Ivy Tech Community College working with PDS. The efforts to bring the company to Lawrenceburg had been underway in recent weeks and the agreement was signed last week.

    The PDS Biotechnology Corporation was founded by an experienced drug development team to commercialize vaccines to cure and also to prevent cancer and infectious diseases in large markets with the unmet needs. PDS owns Versamune, a platform nanotechnology that overcomes the obstacles associated with competing technologies and enables the development of safe, simple, cost effective and potent vaccines to treat cancer and infection diseases. The company’s first Versamujne based product, Versamune-HPV is being developed to treat currently untreatable cancers caused by infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV), such as cervical cancer, head and neck cancer and anal cancer. In January 2009, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) through its 21st Century Fund awarded PDS $2.0 million grant to complete pre-clinical development of Versamune-HPV. The grant award required PDS relocate to the State of Indiana by June, 2009. PDS proceeded with the process of researching Indiana sites and identifying a suitable place to locate, as the company intends to reside and grow long-term in Indiana. PDS expects to grow approximately 100, and possibly more, employees which will consist of high paying jobs to highly skilled employees with a wide range of college degrees up to and including the Doctorate. Two key stages of growth are anticipated: 1) 2011-2012 upon completion of human safety studies leading to successful licensing of the technology and information of corporate partnerships with larger pharmaceutical companies. 2) 2016-2017 upon successful commercialization of the company’s lead product Versamune-HPV.

    The City of Lawrenceburg, Ivy Tech Community College, Dearborn County Economic Development, and the State of Indiana are extremely pleased to have a major medical research company select the Lawrenceburg location for the PDS Biotechnology Company. Discussions were held over recent weeks directly with PDS officials Mr. Frank K. Bedu-Addo, Ph.D., PDS President and CEO, and Gregory L. Conn, Ph.D., the PDS company Chief Scientific Officer. Local officials involved in the process and working to bring this together include Lawrenceburg Mayor Bill Cunningham, Chancellor Jim Helms of Ivy Tech Community College and Chairman of the Dearborn Economic Development Board, City Manager Tom Steidel, Dearborn Economic Development Director Mike Rozow, and Doug Moorman of Cincinnati USA Partnership; also support from Ivy Tech Community College President Tom Snyder and Susan Brooks, Ivy Tech statewide Legal Counsel and head of the college Workforce and Economic Development.

    PDS President Frank K. Bedu-Addo, Ivy Tech Chancellor Jim Helms, and Ivy Tech President Tom Snyder all signed the lease agreement last week. The PDS Company is currently moving into the Ivy Tech facility at the Lakefront Campus location on Industrial Drive, Lawrenceburg. The Lawrenceburg people involved have expressed excitement and are extremely pleased to have a company of this caliber locate in the City of Lawrenceburg, as well as the securing excellent jobs for the area; and a company which can contribute greatly to the benefit of Dearborn County, the State of Indiana, and the entire area. Ivy Tech will also have the opportunity for student internships with the company. PDS President and CEO expressed that they appreciate all of the assistance in making their relocation to Lawrenceburg a smooth one and that PDS looks forward to being an integral part of the Lawrenceburg community. Chancellor Helms basically sees this as the beginning of an era of the Ivy Tech facility becoming a medical research incubator and leading to many great opportunities for all concerned, as well as possible new degree programs to compliment PDS and the Biotech industry in the future.


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