Priming the Immune System to Unleash Powerful and Targeted Attacks Against Cancer Cells

The Versamune® nanotechnology platform is based on novel and structurally-specific synthetic and positively-charged lipids, that are capable of :

  1. Facilitating presentation of tumor antigens into the MHC class I presentation pathway, leading to effective priming of CD8+ killer T-cells
  2. Stimulation of the immunological pathway known as the type I interferon pathway, a critical pathway utilized by the body to elicit CD8+ T-cell responses.

Activation of both mechanisms by Versamune® results in a unique and powerful killer T-cell response that targets the cancer cells, is effective in inhibiting cancer tumor immune suppressing mechanisms, and thus effectively induces tumor cell death.  The lipids are then hydrolyzed and excreted from the body, making them well tolerated and safe.

Versamune® works when administered in the presence of a disease or cancer-specific protein “antigen” to efficiently enable the immune system to internalize, process, and present the antigen to the T-cells.  This process primes T-cells to effectively recognize each Versamune®-presented antigen.

Versamune® also acts within our lymph nodes to activate the type I interferon pathway.  This induces certain critical interferons as well as other immunological proteins, known as cytokines and chemokines, which facilitate generation of T-cells by the immune system, as well as T-cell activation and proliferation.  These two processes effectively drive stimulation of a large number of highly potent killer-T-cells which infiltrate the cancerous cells.  Versamune®-induced T-cells have been demonstrated in extensive preclinical studies to result in inhibition of tumor immune suppressive and/or defense mechanisms, as well as effective killing of cancer cells, resulting in a powerful anti-tumor efficiency.

The Versamune® platform is built on all three critical components of cancer immunotherapy that have been demonstrated to be clinically important:  Antigen presentation to T-cells, immune activation, and overcoming the tumor’s ability to evade attack.

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