Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a treatment that harnesses and activates the immune system to fight disease.

At PDS we are committed to developing simpler, safer and more effective immunotherapies to treat a broad range of cancers and infectious diseases.  PDS is leveraging the versatile Versamune® platform to create a new generation of cancer therapies which present improved simplicity in production and administration.  All products are administered by sub-cutaneous injection.

Beyond Cancer Vaccines

The Versamune® platform falls within the class of targeted cancer immunotherapies of which the most studied are the cancer vaccines.  The cancer vaccines are formulated with a protein specific to the particular cancer (the antigen) in order to train the T-cells to recognize and attack the cancer cells.  Cancer vaccines provide significant potential to effectively and safely treat cancer however, most cancer vaccines have fallen short of providing the robust efficacy required to obtain FDA approval.

The Versamune® platform has enabled a new generation of targeted cancer immunotherapy which goes beyond the capabilities of today’s cancer vaccines.  This has enabled more effective presentation of antigens to T-cells, safer immune activation as well as the ability to minimize and overcome tumor immune suppression.  The mechanisms are discussed in more detail in the technology section.

Infectious Diseases

PDS Biotechnology is beginning the application of the Versamune platform to the development of new vaccine to prevent and to manage infectious diseases.

Most infectious disease vaccines are effective in activating protective antibodies.  However, it is understood today that T-cell responses in addition to antibody responses are required to effective manage several such diseases.  There is currently a lack of simple and cost effective technologies capable of activating robust T-cell mediated responses in addition to antibody responses in humans.  PDS Biotechnology’s initial development program has focused on a broadly acting pandemic influenza vaccine.

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