Cancer Immunotherapy

Priming the Immune System to Unleash Powerful and Targeted Attacks Against Cancer Cells

Immunotherapies are treatments that harness and activate the power of the immune system to fight disease.

At PDS, we are committed to developing more effective cancer immunotherapies. Our novel immunotherapy products, based on PDS’ proprietary Versamune® platform, directly enable efficient initiation of multiple important immunological processes. As a result of treatment by Versamune®-based products, we have proven that the human immune system is able to generate a strong attack specifically against the cancer cells, while simultaneously “de-camouflaging” those same cancer cells, making them even more susceptible to attack. Versamune®-based products present additional benefits of safety and simplicity, and are administered by a simple subcutaneous injection.

The immune system is designed to protect the body by detecting foreign agents and destroying abnormal cells, which may develop into cancer. In certain cases, cancer cells may develop the means to suppress anti-tumor immune responses, or “camouflage” itself, to appear normal to the immune system.

The ultimate goal of cancer immunotherapy is to overcome these mechanisms by which tumor cells are able to evade detection, and to also simultaneously prime the immune system to unleash a strong attack against cancerous cells.

In early human clinical trials, and in extensive preceding preclinical studies in multiple aggressive tumor models, Versamune®-based immunotherapies have demonstrated the unique ability to overcome cancer cells’ ability to evade attack, and to concurrently prime potent and highly active tumor-recognizing killer T-cells which infiltrate and kill the tumor cells.

PDS Biotechnology’s Versamune® platform presents a unique combination of potency and safety. This unusual characteristic of the Versamune®-based products presents unparalleled potential to significantly improve the effectiveness and safety of cancer treatment.

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