Versamune® Platform

The Versamune® Platform Activates all Critical Mechanisms of Cancer Immunotherapy




Antigen Uptake by Dendritic Cells and Access to MHC Class I and II Pathways Immune Activation Reduction of Immune Suppressor Cells

The platform is designed to, and has been demonstrated to overcome the critical obstacle of antigen uptake, processing and entry into the cytoplasm.

This is believed to contribute significantly to efficient antigen presentation to, and priming of CD8+ and CD4+ T-cells.

Versamune® has been shown to activate the immune system via the MAP Kinase signaling pathway.

Critical chemokines are locally induced specifically in the lymphatics.

This is believed to contribute towards the high activation and proliferation of killer (CD8+) T-cells without the inflammatory toxicities associated with cytokines and adjuvant administration.

In preclinical studies, subcutaneous administration of Versamune® was associated with significant reduction in both the regulatory T-cell (Treg) and myeloid derived suppressor cell (MDSC) populations.

This effect is believed to be a major contributor to the ability of the observed ability in preclinical studies to overcome immune tolerance and inhibit tumor growth in all aggressive tumor models investigated.

In human clinical trials, the high safety profile observed in toxicology studies has been corroborated with no significant toxicities observed at any dose.  The high level of antigen-specific T-cell responses has also been corroborated in human clinical studies.