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PDS Biotech was established after the discovery that certain positively charged cationic lipids are able to induce a powerful activation of the immune system.  The PDS Biotech scientific team observed that these cationic lipids induce high levels of protective neutralizing antibodies when combined with certain disease-related proteins called antigens.  When administered with disease-specific antigens, these lipids efficiently induced the body to produce targeted killer T-cells.  This was a major accomplishment that had previously been a significant hurdle impeding the effectiveness of immunotherapy technologies to effectively harness the body’s immune system to fight cancer.  Additionally, the role of both antibodies and killer T-cells in the management of pathogen-induced diseases is well studied.  The Versamune® platform enables the development of vaccines capable of activating both the defensive and curative arms of the immune system to better prevent and potentially treat these deadly infectious diseases.

PDS Biotech’s team has studied all the underlying biologic mechanisms related to how specific cationic lipids interact in the body and have used that proprietary knowledge to engineer Versamune® to optimize its effectiveness.

PDS Biotech is developing multiple therapies based on the Versamune® platform, which has been designed to activate an adaptive immune response to specific disease targets.  When combined with disease-specific proteins, Versamune® induces high levels of protective neutralizing antibodies to create powerful vaccines to defend against infectious diseases.  When paired with an disease-specific antigen the body’s immune system produces antigen-specific T-cells to fight and kill the disease.

PDS Biotech has partnered with some of the leading institutions in cancer research and vaccine development to advance clinical testing of PDS Biotech products in multiple therapeutic areas.

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