Developing potent, broadly protective vaccines against this pandemic virus.

PDS Biotech is proud to respond to the continuing COVID-19 global health emergency. This page summarizes our work to advance PDS0203 and PDS0204, our vaccine candidates against the novel coronavirus. Both PDS0203 and PDS0204 stimulate a broad, potent and rapid immune response using the Versamune® platform that is simple, safe and scaleable. 

COVID-19 vaccines that rapidly produces both T-cells and antibodies against SARS-CoV-2

Versamune®-based vaccines are designed to train the immune system to better protect against infectious diseases. Versamune® delivers both a protective antibody and powerful T-cell response with minimal side effects.  Versamune® also induces long-term memory T-cell responses.  T-cells are an essential component of our immune system with the unique ability to attack foreign agents, including viruses.  The advantage of inducing virus-specific T-cell responses in addition to neutralizing antibodies is that it provides broader protection against severe illness caused by viruses like SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19. The advantage of inducing virus-recognizing memory T-cell responses is that this protection may be retained for several years. 

PDS Biotech has demonstrated that our Versamune® platform safely produces a robust T-cell response against viral targets in humans. Our goal for both PDS0203 and PDS0204 – each of which contains a different antigen of SARS-CoV-2 - is to demonstrate rapid immune responses after a single vaccine dose that is well tolerated.


Induction of highly potent virus-specific killer T-cells


Demonstrated high levels of antigen-specific T-cell and antibody responses following a single vaccination


Technology composed of a single synthetic, cost-effective lipid poised for rapid commercial scale-up

PDS Biotech is working urgently to develop an effective vaccine for global deployment. This work is currently in preclinical development.

Collaborating to address an urgent global health crisis

PDS Biotech is working with a global coalition of partners to rapidly advance our COVID programs:


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