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Cancer immunotherapy, also known as immuno-oncology, is a form of cancer treatment that uses the power of the body’s own immune system to recognize, attack and destroy cancer. Immunotherapies can:


Educate the immune system to specifically recognize and attack cancer cells


Boost immune cells to help them destroy cancer


Overcome immune suppression generated by the cancer cells

The immune system is precise, so it is possible for it to target cancer cells exclusively while sparing healthy cells. Many immunotherapy treatments can also be used in combination with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or targeted therapies to improve their effectiveness.

Immunotherapies have recently been recognized as having significant potential to treat a broad range of cancers. Several cancer immunotherapies have now been approved by the FDA, and several other promising immunotherapy technologies and products are in various stages of clinical development.


Versamune®: A New Generation of Cancer Immunotherapies

White Paper

A Simplified Overview of How the Versamune® Platform Overcomes Key Limitations of Immuno-Oncology


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