Product information

PDS0103 is a novel investigational mucin-1 (MUC1)-targeted immunotherapy that stimulates a potent targeted T cell attack against MUC1-positive cancers. PDS0103 is given by a simple subcutaneous injection alone or in combination with other immunotherapies and cancer treatments. Preclinical data suggests PDS0103 generates clinically effective immune responses, and demonstrates significant disease control by shrinking tumors, delaying disease progression and/or prolonging survival. PDS0103 combines the utility of the Versamune® platform with novel highly immunogenic agonist epitopes of MUC1 developed in by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Disease state

MUC1 is over-expressed in multiple solid tumors and has been shown to be associated with drug resistance and poor patient outcomes. MUC1-positive cancers such as ovarian, breast, colorectal and lung cancers can be identified through tissue examination or biopsy and imaging (CT, PET X-ray, MRI). Currently MUC1-positive cancers are treated with surgery, chemotherapy,

radiation and immunotherapies either alone or in combination. There remains a high unmet need for more effective, safer, better tolerated and MUC1-targeted treatment options.

Development status

PDS0103 is currently in late-stage pre-clinical development.

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